Dive Team Auxiliary
  • articles November 05, 2020
    Last Seen

    Last night’s search for a person that fell from a vessel and failed to resurface in Lake Huron was postponed and our dive team returned back to the docks near 1:00 AM. We searched a very large area of the Lake with divers and with sonar long into the night. Two things were once again highlighted in this event. First, Life Jackets Save lives. We have never recovered an individual wearing a PDF, and even more so when the water temperatures are this cold (~50°F), please wear your your PFD.

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  • articles May 18, 2020
    Your friendly neighborhood dive team

    The Dive Team was happy to be able to help CityFlatsHotel search for thousands of dollars of missing furniture in the Black River in Port Huron on Sunday. The furniture is believed to have been tossed into the river.

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