Dive Team Auxiliary
Search & Recovery Dive Team
Serving St. Clair County, MI.

Dive Team Auxiliary The St. Clair County Dive Team began in the 1950’s. Members of the local dive clubs would often be asked to recover drowning victims by local law enforcement agencies. In the 1960’s a team was organized under the Civil Defense director for the county. In 1969 the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office took over the team. Primarily a search and recovery team, it was not until the mid 1980’s that they started operating as a “Rescue Team”. Cold water near drowning cases were showing that there was a possibility of a drowning victim surviving nearly one hour underwater with the right conditions. This is why the St. Clair County Dive Team responds in “Rescue Mode” when a life may be saved, regardless of borders. St Clair County Sheriff Dive Team Members are sworn in Marine Deputies

The Dive Team Auxiliary, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, was formed in 1983 to help fund this lifesaving effort. The training and equipment needed to save a life is expensive. The County Budget provides less than half of the yearly expenditures of the Dive Team.

Today, members and supporters of the Dive Team Auxiliary can proudly say they have made a difference. By financially supporting the brave men and women of the St. Clair County Dive Team, they truly have saved lives. You can too!

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  • Ice Cream Saves Lives 2024
    July 30th at the Milkhouse Cafe in Fort Gratiot

    Here’s the scoop, July 30th at the Milkhouse Cafe in Fort Gratiot we’re dishing up another Ice Cream Saves Lives fundraising party and we want you there! All profits, tips and donations go directly to the Dive Team Auxiliary.

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  • Partners above the water line
    Our team has partners that may never even try on dive gear. They are those who help those who will.

    Our team has grown, which is great, however, it requires more gear! Today we send a huge thank you to The Riley Gleason Foundation and Cargill Careers for their help outfitting these new (and future) members!

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  • Because of You
    As we don our gear, it’s a reminder that you have our back.

    Thank you to our community! This past Saturday, the Dive Team spent our practice time at the St. Clair boardwalk getting used to our new Zeagle Ranger BCDs that YOU as the community helped us raise money to purchase.

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  • Last Seen
    In an emergency your first response can change everything

    Last night’s search for a person that fell from a vessel and failed to resurface in Lake Huron was postponed and our dive team returned back to the docks near 1:00 AM. We searched a very large area of the Lake with divers and with sonar long into the night. Two things were once again highlighted in this event. First, Life Jackets Save lives. We have never recovered an individual wearing a PDF, and even more so when the water temperatures are this cold (~50°F), please wear your your PFD.

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