• Crews volunteering to fix up the Simpson

     The Dive Team Auxiliary was formed to help fund the maintenance and equipment needs of the St. Clair County Dive Team. It can be expensive to maintain the state of readiness needed to save a life at a moment’s notice.

     Today, members and supporters of the Dive Team Auxiliary can proudly say they have made a difference.  By financially supporting the brave men and women of the St. Clair County Dive Team, you ensure that they can continue to save lives.  

Are you a trained Search and Rescue Diver?

If you are, the St. Clair County Dive Team needs you! Please contact us at
(810) 512-RESQ or info@diveteamauxiliary.org 

Even if you are not, we still need you!

You do not have to put on a SCUBA tank to save a life.  Your financial support is every bit as important as diving in the cold water.  We have able divers, willing to risk their own life to save another, but we need to constantly train and equip the Dive Team to be the best; as they are often the difference between life and death.