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articles May 12, 2022
Because of You
As we don our gear, it’s a reminder that you have our back.

Thank you to our community! This past Saturday, the Dive Team spent our practice time at the St. Clair boardwalk getting used to our new Zeagle Ranger BCDs that YOU as the community helped us raise money to purchase.

Because of the fundraising at the Ice Cream Saves Lives event (spoiler: the dates for 2022 are at the end of this post) and the donations from organizations like the Gleason Foundation, for the first time in nearly two decades, the team was able to purchase new BCDs (Buoyancy Compensator Device - the black vest that allows us to manage our buoyancy in the water) for the team. This replaced units that we have been repairing for some time now. At the same time, we were able to refresh PFD (Lifejackets). Our gear gets used and used hard, and while we do everything we can to keep it in service and working well, we’re thankful that when it has reached its end of life, we have supporters to help us refresh. As we don our gear, it’s a reminder that you have our back.



Come and see our refreshed equipment and all we’re using on the water at our Ice Cream Saves Lives 2022 event on July 19th at the Milkhouse Cafe!

We need your support
The Dive Team Auxiliary is a non-profit 501c3 organization that relies on the combined financial support of our St. Clair County Sheriff Department as well as business and indivudial contributors. Please consider supporting the team by clicking the support button. We're looking for yearly, monthly and even one time partners to help us continue the work we are doing in our community.
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