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articles May 18, 2020
Your friendly neighborhood dive team
CityFlats Hotel search for thousands of dollars in missing furnature.

The Dive Team was happy to be able to help CityFlatsHotel search for thousands of dollars of missing furniture in the Black River in Port Huron on Sunday. The furniture is believed to have been tossed into the river.

The dive team started searching for the furniture around 12:30 p.m. and finished shortly after 3 p.m. The team found most of what was missing, including over a dozen chairs and some tables valued. When the weather is better the team will be out again to search more with sonar equipment.

Our team received a Port Security grant in September for $25,000 that allowed us to buy new underwater communication equipment, which we used for the first time while searching.

The equipment includes additional communication lines directly the diver’s mask and allows for better communication between the divers and those on the boat.

“Sounds simple but when we work underwater it makes a big difference and makes it safer for the divers,” Brusate said.

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