J.H. Simpson

The J.H. Simpson is a 40’ Army Corps of Engineers Survey vessel built in 1992.

The vessel was built specifically for dredging surveys in the St Louis District which covered the Mississippi and Illinois River. At the time, it was equipped with state of the art survey systems.

The Simpson was taken out of service around 2005 due to changes in technology and severe corrosion problems on the hull.

In 2012 the Dive Team was able to acquire the vessel through the Federal Surplus Program.  Team members drove to St Louis with generators, tools, batteries and sleeping bags.  They were able to get the engines running and put a temporary patch on the hull.  When the crane set the Simpson back into the Mississippi River, team members began a 1,000-mile journey up the Mississippi and Illinois River to Chicago and then around the Great Lakes to Port Huron.

Since then, the team members have been making repairs and improvements to the Simpson which has been involved in many Rescue and Recovery Operations throughout the Blue Water Area, including Canadian waters.

     The J.H. Simpson is in dire need of an upgrade to it’s electrical system.  The system is the original one from 1992.  It is outdated and no longer up to code.  The Dive Team Auxiliary is currently raising funds to update the entire electrical system on the Simpson.